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Then, the person leading the meeting should walk around the room and read the questions written on the balloons to get an idea of the type of questions people might have. Next, throughout the meeting, whenever participants feel their questions have been sufficiently answered, they must pop their balloon. Questions that still haven't been answered, will be addressed in the end of the meeting. Conducting this ice breaker game makes meetings participative, gives control to the facilitator and ensures that all participants understand the objective of holding the discussion.

It also gives attendees the assurance that their question will be answered. Another variation to conducting this game is a little informal.

20 Awesome Ice Breaker Games For Work

The materials required are again same- some balloons and a few marker pens. To conduct this game, sit around in a circle. Pass the balloon around and have everyone write down a question on the balloon.

Then pass the balloon around the circle again and ask everyone to answer three questions on the balloon. A fun ice breaker game, it allows employees and team members to get to know one another and find out their likes and interests. The objective is to understand how people identify and view themselves. It also enables individuals to remember huge amounts of data and information.

The first way - Have everyone sit in a circle. The first person starts by using an adjective starting with the same letter as their first name example- Charismatic Chris, Amiable Anita. The second way - To make the game more challenging and interesting, you can write down the first names of all the participants in different pieces of paper.

Now shuffle the papers and ask everyone to pick up. Again, person A has to call out what they have written and person B needs to confirm if the adjective suits them or not. For example- Serious Sam can turn out to be the funniest person ever! Everyone stands in a circle and bounces a ball to someone across the circle. Everyone gets a five second limit before they pass on the ball to someone else.

In this five second, people need to name a movie. It usually boils down to between two people. A highly competitive game and quite recreational, it is one of the most favourite ice breaker games. Bookmarks You haven't yet saved any bookmarks. The answer- Icebreaker games. Here is a detailed list of icebreaker activities that can be conducted at work to boost collaboration among employees- 1.

But for convenience, you can ask people to write down their first or worst job beforehand. Then, when the game begins, one person can read out the job descriptions. The rest of the group has to identify which job description is written by whom. Compile the photos and put them up on a board. Once that is done, the group need to figure out the employee from their childhood photo. Fun Questions One of the most enjoyable group games, you can pull this game off with minimal preparation.

Help students get to know each other with this fun group activity

Here are a few sample questions- If you could be an animal for a day, which one would you be? And why?

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If you could instantly become an expert in something, which skill would you choose? What is the most outrageous activity in your bucket list? Hit the treadmill or hit the couch? For new hires- Who do you admire the most? For old employees- Who do you admire the most in the workplace? What is something that you do better than anyone else you know? At a company field day, what is the event that you would most likely win? How do you cure your Monday Blues? Social Scavenger Hunt While some new hires might be natural extroverts, but some might feel uncomfortable to talk with colleagues and senior managers.

Take a video of it. Find out information from other employees about the CEO- like their middle name, where they go to lunch and so on.

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The first team to complete all the challenges wins. Trading Cards A great activity to begin a meeting, try to conduct this game within 15 minutes. To play this game, provide everyone with large-sized index cards and marker pens. Everyone needs to get up and trade their cards in no particular order.

Office Charades This is the age old charade in a workplace setting.

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Put these categories into envelopes. The team that first guesses more or all of the categories is declared the winner. One Word Game A pretty famous ice breaker, this game requires employees to describe events in one word. Who The Shoe A crowd favorite icebreaker, this is quite a fun idea for introducing people to each other. Pretty funny, right? To play this fun icebreaker, give out a piece of paper to each employee. Let them know that the confessions need not necessarily be work-related. The game is for the others to recognise which one is the lie and which the truths. Human Bingo Like the bingo game, where you strike off numbers and win, this one is similar.

Here are some examples- Hate chocolate Own a pet Have been to a concert Met a celebrity Travelled to another country Have a tattoo Print these out in a card and hand them out to the number of people who will participate in the game. The first person to call out Bingo wins! Team Wins A practice held at Snacknation, this is a great way to start a team meeting.

Five Things If your company conducts weekly meetings, this can quickly become a crowd pleasing ice breaker game in your organisation.

Jenga Icebreaker Questions Buy a large jenga set to play this game. Again, it brings people closer and gives out interesting facts about coworkers. Here are a few sample jenga icebreaker questions - Which day of your day would you most like to relive? How do you cope with stress? What is the first thing in your bucket list this year?

Salt and Pepper This game can be held with medium to large sized groups. Balloon Questions part 1 Often while conducting a workshop or holding a meeting, many questions remain unanswered.

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Balloon Questions part 2 Another variation to conducting this game is a little informal. Name Game The objective is to understand how people identify and view themselves. There are two ways to conduct this game. Movie Time For this ice breaker game, you can either use a ball, a box, plastic cups, etc. If a movie is repeated more than once, the person who repeats is eliminated from the game. PS- Look out for made up movie names! This article is written by Shreya Dutta who is a content writer and marketer at Vantage Circle.

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