Making things from vinyl records

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15 Rockin’ Projects that Repurpose Vinyl Records

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Vinyl’s making a comeback!

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Leave this field empty. Prev 1 of 2 Next. Later LPs play and track better on decks manufactured during the 80's and beyond. To be sure, 78s from some eras, such as the 40's when material shortages led to records being manufactured using reconstituted material, don't sound that great. But by and large, a 78 in good condition is going to sound very good indeed. For one thing, the grooves are wider, allowing 'more music to the groove'. A comparison could be made to compression - in other words, the more room for the stylus to operate in, the less 'compressed' the music.

15 Rockin’ Projects that Repurpose Vinyl Records | Brit + Co

A rather crass comparison, admittedly, but I hope you get the point. The only drawback is that one needs a LOT of space! MP3s win out every time when space is the overriding factor. I totally agree. During my teens in the 70s I remember going out on a Saturday to scan the record shops new and second hand, speaking to strangers about various bands sharing musical passions and sometimes risking a purchase on a band you are not new.

Reading the notes and reading the lyrics. When CDs came into vogue I soon stopped listening and music became a distant thing until recently I invested in a turntable and now I know how I lost interest. LPs sound totally different like night and day.

They have more depth ,instruments can be clearly heard and the whole experience has a crisp natural sound ie as if the piano was in the room as if you were standing beside the singer in the studio. Music is to be enjoyed and I'm glad I have found my long lost friend again after such a long time. I am under I recently found my Technics linear tracking turntable with direct drive from the mid s and I had not listened to any of my records since the late eighties.

I would get a record and dub it to cassette and never play the record again so the majority of my record collection is in good shape to almost new. I have a high end Philips CD recorder hooked into a decent 2 channel watt receiver and good quality speakers. I was shocked to notice that when I hooked up my turntable and played my records, that they almost had a cd like sound quality to them.

Yes, they are some clicks and pops, but mostly in the silent separation zone between songs on a record. CDs do have some advantages, especially when it comes to classical music in relation to very soft parts a musical piece, erupting to the very loud thunder of sonic brilliance and the massive gulf of stereo separation a CD digital recording can offer is very noticeable. However, for some reason, my ears are telling my brain that vinyl recordings sound smooth, warm, real and therefore human in scope and presentation.

The stereo separation of a record, depending on how it was mixed during the recording process in the studio, can also generate a very good stereo separation image in my mind when I listen to the recording. I cannot and will not say it is psychosomatic, it is real, period.

Ten Most Creative Uses for Old Vinyl Records

I will not totally discount CDs either, since I have a very good stereo system with a very good CD player. Since I have an innate understanding that ones and zeroes are just that, I also understand that my inner ear is mechanical, not digital. I have been so surprised on how records truly sound wonderful, after not listening to my records for almost 30 years in lieu of of CD s and as of late, MP3s. I do not have any reason to be pretentious and if anything, I have discovered a "new drug," in re-discovering listening to vinyl.

It is a calming experience, even if Accept's "Balls to the Wall," or Slayer's, "Ghosts of War," happen to be playing on my turntable. I'm a 22 year old musician and music tech and vinyl is definitely better than any other format. The science is there. The is no loss in quality woth vinyl because the sound vibrations are record directly onto the record giving it the natural analog sound imstead of being sent through a processor which chops up the waves into rectangular pixels of data.

Imagine a curved wave of pure music being turned into jagged stairs and that is basically the difference between analog and digital. Analog vs digital photography is very similar if that makes sence. One might prefer the sound of vinyl there is nothing wrong with that , but according to science it is inferior to modern digital.

Vinyl adds distortion that some people find it pleasing.

Sie übergießt Schallplatten mit heißem Wasser! Geniale Ideen.

Digital recordings are much more transparent, have lower noise, higher dynamic range, etc. Digital definitely does not produce a "jagged stairs" output. Total nonsense, vinyl is usually cut from tape transfers and there is a huge loss when that happens, if you don't believe me hunt down a clean copy of Thelma Houstons "I've got the music in me" vinyl lp. This is a very rare breed of recording where the the masters are cut "live" with no tape, obviously totally uneconomic because they have to be recorded in one take and there is a relatively low ceiling of pressings that can be made from the master.

These records are amazing analog recordings, normal vinyl suffers from the problems of analog tape and of course today most studios would be cutting vinyl from digital tape masters or hard disks! The thing is, you've just not been told the truth. If you didn't block out any arguments about how CDs are better because of preconceptions from when someone you respect TOLD you that vinyl was better, than you'd know that "science" is really, REALLY far from being on your side.

How can you store sound without magnetism or electricity?

Vinyl 2. CD If produced right - which is the case with vinyl too 1. A CD is a lossless wav file. Otherwise, I agree. Except I hate this "mp3" term getting thrown around. You all realize that mp3 can be encoded in different bit rates, right? But kbps mp3 is very good. And iTunes doesn't now and never has used mp3, they use the much better AAC format. It's unfortunate that Hipsters tend to be pretentious but that aside, I am 50 grew up listening to vinyl when it was all we had bar Cassette tapes.