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Setting aside the FCRA restrictions, you probably still have concerns about what an employer can discover about your past. Worry not. Monster spoke to experts to address some common fears job seekers have about background checks.

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There are some exceptions. With felonies and misdemeanors, employers are looking for the nature of the crimes. In most cases, employers must obtain the applicant's written authorization before the background check, so take this opportunity to bring up anything that may raise eyebrows during the checking process. There's no such thing as a perfect employee, and companies know this. Don't let a less-than-ideal track record discourage you.

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  • New Continuous Background Checks Will Take A Deeper Look At Your Personal Life.
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  • Background Checks Include:.
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What does a background check show for pre-employment screening?

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Credit Report Credit report from one credit bureau. Does not include credit scores.

Reference Verification Contact and verify personal references. Bankruptcy Report Full search for any bankruptcy recorded in any US bankruptcy court. County Civil Search Civil claims, suites and judgments.

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  4. Federal Civil Search Civil claims, suites and judgments involving the federal government. Start with an instant criminal database search. Verify with direct court searches. Role-specific reports or verifications. Pre-Packaged Solutions For Self Checks. Staffing Companies. Volunteer Organizations.

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