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A couple weeks ago it was only One pop up when signing on. It has been for some time now I'd say a couple years Now it happens about ten seconds or so. This issue only happens with one of two AIM accounts.

The same exact issue happens on Ubuntu also. So I beleive the issue may be server side. OK, seriously, we have neither cause nor effect for this--all we get is a meaningless message that annoys everyone.

We can make this bug go away very easily by simply suppressing the message--why hasn't that been done yet? You can load your buddy list in Trillian and it will fix the issue. This isn't a real fix though, because Pidgin shouldn't be generating the error like that to begin with. I've signed onto Trillian Pro V 3. The same issue happens. I don't recall ever adding a buddy with screen name of 1.

I wonder what has changed. I signed on using Trillian. Then signed on from pidgin at the same time. I noticed I did not get the popups. I signed off Trillian and Pidgin, then back onto Pidgin and now the issue it gone! This works. It seems like a hassle, but it only takes the one time. Open Pidgin and let it sign on to AIM.

You won't have to repeat this again. Does anyone know how to recreate this issue? I'll look at the code and try to find a solution when I have time.

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It really shouldn't depend on another program to fix this. Replying to CookieOfFortune :. I agree, it shouldn't.

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But the only way I'd know to recreate the issue is to simply use a program to completely uninstall Pidgin and then re-install it. So, it wasn't hard for me to re-create But as soon as I did that thing with Trillion, it started working like nothing was wrong Sorry about the repost, I'm getting used to this new type of thread-type. I reposted to make it easier to understand, ahaha. After some reading I tried the Trillian solution and seems to work for me too.

I changed that to an oe and the unable to add error in Pidgin disappeared.

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Very annoying when it pops up not one but several hundred times. Is there any workaround other than using Trillian?

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I'd much rather not install it for just one use. I believe this is a network problem as I know others who have blank buddy lists in AIM's provided client upon logging in. But I too can confirm this issue. Pidgin 2. I have exactly that problem. This must be a very recent server problem as we've all started having it in the last half hour - I'm getting quite a few of them also - version 2.

In this case it seems like some group of servers at AOL was inaccessible, so we were either unable to connect or unable to issue a certain request. And apparently we sometimes issue that request in a loop. We definitely shouldn't show that error to the user more than once. We probably shouldn't show it even the first time.

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Replying to MarkDoliner :. Sure, but the buddy list was blank for me on Pidgin, and for others who used AIM. Would an inability to set the buddy icon prevent the buddy list from being populated? Incidentally, it seemed that IMs could be exchanged if you knew the person's SN, as I received an IM on a name I was already signed into and thus had a list and no errors , from someone using AIM that had just signed on, without a list.

One part of the protocol that deals with storing buddy icons utilizes the same storage servers as the buddy list. I don't think an inability to set a buddy icon would cause the buddy list to not be populated, but both problems could be caused by servers being down on AOL's end.

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I definitely agree. My laptop was having difficulties with the windows that popped up Compiz can be a major pain sometimes lol. Another question for people who saw this dialog opening many times: Did you have a buddy icon set? I had no icons set, globally or otherwise. I'm also having the issue now, pops up many times and continues to pop up until I disable the account.

I'm running 2. I got multiple windows as well. I didn't have a buddy icon. I added a buddy icon and now I just get one window but buddy is is still empty. These messages repeat again and again. It looks almost like an SSL issue, but I tried deleting my cached certificates already.

I get about windows coming up with the message "Unable to add Buddy 1 for an unknown reason. My buddy list DOES load and it shows both offline and online users in the appropriate modes I only have maybe people total on my list Upon further inspection; the buddies that do load are from other protocols. The AIM ones don't appear. I stand corrected, reloaded it just now and buddy list is dead empty.

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Also empty on the normal aim express client as well as the full standard aim client. I've never had this problem before, but started having it today. Updated to 2. My buddy list is completely empty and I've never set a buddy icon for the account before. I can confirm that it is AOL specific and the buddy list does not load. Do not post confidential information, especially passwords! Korean network see More Info for details and Windows builds. The plugin blocks the first authorization request of a contact and answers with the order to ask for authorization again. This helps to prevent spam on ICQ accounts.

How can I recover an AIM Buddy List for an AIM Screen name that I can't logon to?

An extension of Notifo Notifications, pushes your messages at specified statuses e. This plugin adds sounds for some notifications to pidgin e. Sets the status to busy or any saved status when a full screen application is detected. Adds Google Shared Status compatibility that permit to set the status for all the resources connected. This allows to go Invisible Read carefully How to Use!!! Set any active accounts to Away with a user-defined message if applicable when the workstation locks, and back to Available when it is unlocked.

Set User Tweet as Pidgin Status. Sluggish will delay changing your status to Available until you have been back at your keyboard for several minutes. Displays the currently-playing music in your status message and profile. Winamp API compatible. Displays the music track currently playing in the status message. Supports a wide range of audio players. Updates the status message using custom information retrieved from Audacious Media Player.

This plugin also allows control over Audacious Media Player from the Pidgin conversation windows play, pause, next Current Track plugin will update your! Places new conversation windows intelligently in Windows i.