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Prior studies suggest that birth certificates are a good data source for these three maternal risk factors. Year-to-year comparisons showed that each measure was stable across years. However, data users should be aware that birth certificates are known to contain errors that impact the accuracy of derived measures. The pdf document provides summary descriptions of each measure for , details on the data source, and definitions of each measure.

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A woman in the obese range of BMI when becoming pregnant is at an increased risk for a variety of maternal and fetal complications, including preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, congenital anomalies, and fetal death. The local variation in pre-pregnancy obesity is dramatic across the state. Figure 1 illustrates one example of local variation of pre-pregnancy morbid obesity prevalence. Within ZIP codes with at least births to Hispanic mothers in in Bexar County, the percent of live births to Hispanic women who were classified as morbidly obese prior to becoming pregnant ranged from a low of 1.

Figure 1.

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Smoking during pregnancy has important effects on fetal growth and long-term health. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the percentage of women who smoked during pregnancy in Texas in was one of the lowest in the country. Figure 2 illustrates one example of local variation in the prevalence of smoking during pregnancy.

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Figure 2. Prenatal care is important to the health of the mother and the baby. During these visits, women with chronic health conditions or complications during pregnancy can be medically managed to reduce the negative outcomes for the baby.

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Inadequate prenatal care utilization increases risk of prematurity, neonatal death, and infant death. Figure3 illustrates one example of local variation in prenatal care utilization. Within ZIP codes with at least births to black mothers in in Harris County, the percent of live births to black women with no reported prenatal care during their pregnancy ranged from a low of 0. Every vital record in the state of Texas is located, maintained, and administered by the Office of Vital Records.

This includes divorce records, marriage certificates and licenses, birth certificates, and death certificates. They are all stored alongside each other in a central registry.

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These records can then be accessed and used by the state of Texas in order to work out statistics and analyse trends throughout their population. The state keeps records on divorces across Texas, as soon as the event is registered. The divorce rate in Texas has been declining since the s when they reached their peak, and as of are at a 35 year low.

From to , the divorce rate in the Lone Star State has dropped by nearly 3 for every 1, Texans. Most experts agree that this is because fewer couples are choosing to get married. Texas keeps track of marriages that happen within state borders and include marriage licenses, and marriage certificates. Before , the Catholic Church was the only body that could legally solemnize a marriage, hence why many Protestant marriage records are listed under Catholic.

Between this time and , marriage licenses were issued by county recorders, who also kept marriage registers. Copies of these records could be granted with a letter to the clerk in the place of issuing.

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Between and present day, the Bureau of Vital Statistics has been in charge of collecting and storing marriage records. However, copies of these records, and others dating back as far as have been acquired by The Family History Library. In , there were , marriages across the state of Texas, with a crude marriage rate of 6. A birth certificate refers to the document issued upon the birth of a child, and can refer to either the original document or a certified copy.

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