Dissolution of marriage with children florida

Once paternity has been established, the court may address several issues, including child support, custody and visitation rights.

Forms Forms and filing instructions may be purchased in room of the Orange County Courthouse or online from our packets section. Customers may obtain individual forms by visiting www.

Electronic Fingerprinting Process

When filing for paternity at the courthouse, you must first go to Family Court Services in room before p. The Self Help Center staff can assist customers with family law cases.

Dissolution of Marriage

Self Help Center services include attorney consultations, form completion assistance and notary and copy services. Attorney File Request Form Family. Redaction Attorney Agent Authorization. Vulnerable Adult Brochure - English.

Here are the answers to some common questions about divorce in Florida.

Vulnerable Adult Brochure - Creole. The role of the self-help center staff is to direct interested individuals to the self-help website where they can explore resources needed to represent themselves, access the courts, and other essential resources. Self-Help staff cannot provide legal interpretations or advice. The self-help website includes family law forms approved by the Florida Supreme Court. Additional resources include a directory of local self-help centers, web links to free and low cost legal aid, mediator search capabilities, and guardianship resources.

10 Things to Know About Divorce for Florida Residents

As a legal practice devoted exclusively to family law, our family law office is qualified to handle a broad range of domestic relations issues. Please see our family law overview and divorce overview for more information about our professional services. If you are going through a divorce or you are involved in a dispute with a former spouse or partner, you understandably have a lot more on your mind than your legal rights and interests, especially if your children are affected by the situation.

Unfortunately, however, many lawyers even those who call themselves family lawyers , only address your legal concerns. This is not how we approach client representation at Sandra Bonfiglio, P. While knowledge of Florida divorce laws is of utmost importance, we also believe it is our job to act as your counselor. We have found that clients who are able to effectively manage their emotions are more likely to make sound legal decisions.

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Contact our Fort Lauderdale family law and divorce attorneys today. We suggest considering the following three factors to select the family law attorney who is best for you and your case: 1 credentials, 2 approach, and 3 working relationship. First of all, it is important to hire a lawyer who has demonstrated expertise in the area of family law, including divorce, custody, alimony and property division issues.

Look for an attorney who focuses on family law, rather than a general practitioner. The lawyer should have at least five to 10 years of experience, and he or she should be a member of one or more professional associations that require a high degree of competency in order to become a member.

He or she should also be recognized by his or her peers as an authority on family law. Sandra Bonfiglio has been licensed to practice law in Florida for over a decade, and has devoted her legal career to family law. She established her own firm to focus on family law in It is important to consider how the lawyer will approach your case and you as a client. For example, does he or she emphasize returning phone calls promptly and keeping clients informed?

Divorce and Dissolution of Marriage, with Minor Children: Forms and Instructions

You should also ask about fees, including what is the retainer and hourly rate, and find out if other lawyers will be working on your case. When it comes to family law matters, a close working relationship between you and your lawyer is essential. You should have frequent contact with your attorney as your case progresses, including telephone calls, emails and office meetings.

You should feel comfortable confiding in your lawyer, trusting that anything you tell him or her is privileged and cannot be repeated. Your lawyer must understand your needs and goals, as well as how you want your case to be handled. If you are facing divorce or have another legal concern involving your family, you likely have many questions during this difficult time.