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To date, this change has only been implemented for Rowan County. Granville County will be transitioned in July Beginning in August , and through the end of the year, the AOC will implement this process for all remaining counties. We do not have specifics on the time frame.

Unfortunately, CourtSearch was not notified of this change until June 13th, but we are working on modifying the site to match the AOC changes. Until we make the changes in our system any data entered into the new fields for the affected cases will not be displayed by Courtsearch.

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Documenting the American South: Colonial and State Records of North Carolina

You will no longer have to scroll to the bottom of the page to view Nationwide Search Results! Please note that "Buy Later" is now an account setting. You may notice a new layout when you search NC Criminal Records. This new, easier way to purchase cases now allows you to simply click on the case number and the case will open in a new screen immediately.

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Clients with the "Buy Now" setting no longer have to choose a purchase type, all cases are Buy Now. Users that would like to reactivate "Buy Later" or wish to implement this purchase type for the first time, please contact Customer Service to have this setting applied to your account. This feature will allow you to place cases that you do not need immediate access to in your Case Cart. Resolved, William Kennon Esq r.

Resolved, That the People of this county will break off all Trade, Commerce and Dealing, and will not maintain the least Trade, dealing, or Intercourse with any person or persons resident in this county who shall refuse, decline or neglect to carry into Execution the Resolves made at a general Meeting of Deputies of this Province at New Bern the 25 th of August last, and that those who offend herein shall be deemed Enemies to their country, and treated accordingly. Resolved, That the Thanks of the county be given to the Deputies of said County and the Town of Salisbury for their faithful attendance on the Provincial Congress.

A Ramble Through Rowans History: A Trip Along The Great Wagon Road

Maxwell Chambers. Richard Caswell, and the Remainder to remain in the hands of M r Max. Chambers, for defraying future Contingencies—to be disposed of by this Committee.

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  • Resolved, That the Chairman of this Committee as soon as convenient, write to the provincial Committee of Correspondence, informing them that there is a Committee elected for the County, ready to correspond with said Committee, and also a letter to Richard Caswell, Esq r , requesting an account of the proceedings at the Continental Congress.

    Resolved, That Will Davison, John Bickerstaff and Robert Bell wait on the Messrs Jno and Will Kelly to desire their attendance on this Committee in order to answer a charge of having infringed the Provincial Resolves by selling powder at a higher rate than it had been sold at for three months past.

    North Carolina Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions (Rowan County)

    Resolved, That any person who shall sell or buy powder for more than 5s. But that John Kelly, to whom the Powder belonged, would not permit him, and the said John Kelly declared that he would not sell his powder for 5s proc. Resolved, That the said advertisement contains sundry allegations altogether false, scandalous, wicked and impertinent, and that the authors thereof justly merit the Censure and detestation of their Country.